produktion_01The Barthelmes KG company was established in Oggenhausen, district Heidenheim / W├╝rttemberg, in 1948 by Fritz Barthelmes.

The manufactured products were sold under the “RECORD” trademark.

Fritz Barthelmes worked over 20 years successfully as a senior designer at the Walther arms factory in Zella-Mehlis. He was owner of numerous patents and the designer of the world famous Walther P 38. Fritz Barthelmes died in 1973.


His son Martin took over the very modern equipment company. Soon, he developed weapons like LP 77, GP1 and B1S. Several patents are the result of his successful work. The products were exported to almost every country in the world. Mr. Barthelmes handed over the production of the Record products to the company Enser Sportwaffen GmbH in July 1997.

The company Enser Sportwaffen GmbH produced the Record models until its end of operation in September 2000. Today the Record Firearms GmbH company continues the heritage and production of the famous Record pistols, revolver and air guns.

Record Firearms

Record Firearms